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Artificial Intelligence for Programming (AIP)

Prof. Dr. Artur Andrzejak
Institute of Computer Science
Heidelberg University

Overview of the research group

Welcome at the web pages of the research group Artificial Intelligence for Programming (AIP), a part of the Institute of Computer Science of Heidelberg University.

Our research and teaching activities focus on the challenges of software development and maintenance, in particular efficient programming and software reliability. We apply methods from artificial intelligence and machine learning and combine them with classical software engineering techniques including static and dynamic code analysis, code transformations and code generation.

Our research interests and currently active projects are described by the following topics:

AI-Supported Programming

  • Model-based code translation and transformation
  • Program debugging and repair with Large Language Models
  • Code recommenders
  • AI-based coding assistants.

Code Generation and DSLs

  • Accelerated development of Domain Specific Languages (DSLs)
  • Integrating DSLs and general-purpose programming languages
  • Low code tools for data science.

Software reliability

  • Testing of large-scale software systems
  • Detection and isolation of latent and security-critical software defects
  • Diagnosis of configuration errors
  • Performance optimization.